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How do you build a dream?

You usually think of people having a dream. Some of us have lived a dream. Many of us pursue a dream. But how many of us can say we built a dream? We prefer more romantic images when we speak of our dreams. When it comes to homes, however, the dreams we envision ourselves living in may be pursued, hoped for, strived for, or even grasped — but they cannot be lived in until they are built. Architects may tantalize us with their pictures, we may become giddy with plans and sketches, but the dream can never come true until it is actually built.

Eiesland Builders is uniquely qualified to see your dreams as you see them, and capable of making them come true. After commissioning Eiesland to build their clients’ homes, some of the most respected architects in the area have called upon Eiesland to build their own homes.

50 years ago, after comming to America, Olav Eiesland founded a company based on a set of core values that have guided our company’s success. Today, Arvid Eiesland has continued and enhanced that tradition, with a woodworking operation that produces some of the finest millwork, mouldings and cabinetry in the country — literally building on his father’s dream.

At Eiesland Builders, we enjoy the challenge of developing and sustaining an empathy for our clients’ involvement with their dream home. It might be the quality of the finished work that impresses a homeowner in the end, but first we have to envision their dream.

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